Horse Show

There will be Open Dressage, where no special clothes or tack, breed height are required, so a Dressage open to all. There will still be the affiliated Dressage, but this gives everyone a chance to “have a go” without incurring some great costs.

There will also be a new series of classes called Bright Stars which is B.S.P.S. affiliated and you will not need to be a registered, affiliated or a member of B.S.P.S.

Horse Show Schedule 2015:

The Horse Schedule is a work-in-progress programme, up to and including the day of the show. Whilst we use our best endeavours to ensure everything is correct, nothing is perfect, so we hope you will forgive us for any imprefection. However, it should be noted that the Gymkana is to be held in Ring number 1.


Entry prices:

  • Most advance entry prices are £6.00 but please read the details against each of the competitions.
  • £1.00 is charged to cover Paramedics

For all booking please send your booking form (HorseSchedule2015) to
Mrs J Henfrey, 4 The Common, Throckenholt, Spalding. Lincs. PE12 OQX.
For dressage times Thursday 25th June ring Nicki on 01733 810317 between 7-8pm

Please make all cheques payable to "Crowland Show"

Rules of Show: Closing Date - 24th June 2015 for all entries.

  1. Horses must not be ridden or walked in public areas.
  2. The committee reserve the right to make changes to the schedule classes without notice.
  3. All riders must wear hard hats to the approved B.S.I. Standard.
  4. All Horses & Ponies must be kept to a walk between rings.
  5. The judges decision is final.
  6. No horse or pony under 4yrs old is to be shown ridden under saddle, including minimus jumping.
  7. Stallion/colts may not be led/ridden by any juniors who have not attained their 16th birthday before 1st Jan in current year.
  8. All rings will start promptly at the published times. All classes will run consecutively there after, unless otherwise stated. Please check times with show secretary.
  9. No horses to be tethered on Showground at any time.
  10. No loose dogs are permitted on the show ground. Please clean up after your dog.




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