Successful 2013 Show

Well another successful show, with record gate takings, which has helped along by some lovely weather.

To all those who came and supported the show "Thank you" and we hope you had a great day.

Unfortunately, this year we had a couple of incidents which resulted in injuries. One requiring the services of the Air Ambulance service which took 17 minutes to reach us from Derby, very impressive! Whilst we all laugh at "Elf & Safty" the incident was dealth with swiftly and professionally. St John's we quick to the scene and the necessary paperwork complete by Ron Cuthbert our Health & Safety representative with the help of a Steward, Wendy, who assisted at the scene and also the PCSO who had previous experience of Air Ambulance landing and whose input was invaluable. The Committe & Volunteers involved all worked well together and made what could have been a difficult problem smoothly - so smoothly some thought it was part of the show!

We understand the gentlemen concerned has been released from hospital which is good news and we all wish him a speedy recovery. Anyone who is involved in animals knows that you can never predict how an animal will behave. We take them to environments that they are not always familiar with, or something happens they dislike and accidents do happen, despite our best efforts. So to those involved, throughts go out to you.

We had a very successful Gymkana this year with record entrants who also created a bit of excitement in the ring. Congratulations to Jo Garwell who ran the Gymkana, a first for her at Crowland.

The WI exhibitions were well supported and I understand there was some stiff competition in the baking section. Congratulations to the winners.

The Circus section was busy most of the day giving children the chance to try their hand at stilt walking, tightrope walking to name but a few skills. Our thanks to Aiden for all his hard work.

The Dog Show was well supported this year and our thanks to the Judges and volunteers who helped out.

The Lucky Entrance Programme was well received and the winner of ticket 1984 has yet to claim their prize. If you take your winning programme to the City & County shop and claim your prize.

Further details of winner and classes will be posted on the website later this week.

for anyone interested in photographs, the photographer's details are as follows:

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