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Pre-War Start:

The show was run, pre-war, known as 'The Crowland Foal Show'. With the advent of the war the show closed its doors until after the war and re-opened as 'Crowland Foal Show. The show committee at that time led the show through a chequered period and eventually closed.


In 1978 Jackie & Micheal Henfrey along with a group of other local Crowland people decided to re-start the tradition of the Crowland Show. Funds were needed, so Ken Clarey & Stan Stimpson set about raising some money. Word has it that they toured the pubs in and around the area with competitions to guess the number of ball bearings in the jar etc., to raise money to get the show off the ground. They raised around £2000, which was a lot of money at the time, and the first Crowland Show as we know it opened its gates in 1978.


In 1981 Mr & Mrs Whaley were welcomed to the show committee and took over the Pony section and our links to affiliated organisations such as Ponies UK began. The show has survived the recession in the 80’s and continued. Due to the demise of others, Crowland Show grew, although the Heavy horses were a casualty due to the cost of bringing the horses to the show.


Jackie & Micheal remained members of the committee for 20 years and Micheal passed the Chairmans’ reins over to Gordon Benstead in 1998. Gordon spent the next 5 years working very hard to keep the show running through a very difficult period for the show.


In 2003 Micheal returned to the committee and some new younger blood was sought. The Committee now consists of 9 members who all work on a voluntary basis to organise and run the show. It is very much a team effort. We are also lucky to have a great band of volunteers who pitch up on the day to help out as Gate Stewards, Judges, Horse section Stewards as well as a loyal group of chaps who put everything together for us and help us take it all down.



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